Moral extremism and speciesism

Yseult Héjja-Brichard, Bertrand Beffara, & Amélie Bret
status = thinking & reading

A description of this project will be available soon

When can heart rate variability biofeedback join the clinical armamentarium?

Brice Beffara
status = reading, thinking

Critical review of the HRV biofeedback literature. Identifying blinding choices (simple, double, or triple blind designs), control conditions choices, efficiency depending on outcome measures, and possible confounding factors.

What is the impact of inclusive writing on psychological representations?

Amélie Bret & Brice Beffara
status = building protocol

A description of this project will be available soon

Psychology. Natural ∨ Social ∨ Biological ∨ Health ∨ Human ∨ Animal Science

Brice Beffara, Raphaël Taillandier, Bertrand Beffara, Yseult Héjja-Brichard, & Amélie Bret
status = reading, thinking, writing

A description of this project will be available soon

A fully automatised, transparent, reproducible and blind protocol for sequential analyses

Brice Beffara, Amélie Bret, & Ladislas Nalborczyk
status = Being revised for further consideration at Meta-Psychology

Initially, this project was called “Automation in Sequential Testing: A commentary on Schönbrodt, Wagenmakers, Zehetleitner, and Perugini (2017)“. We submitted this comment to Meta-Psychology and received very helpful reviews. We decided to modify our work from a comment to a full tutorial. We will propose a tutorial on automation from data collection to data analysis in the case of sequential data analysis.